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PYONGYANG Jordans 6 Gatorade 2017 , Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's visit to Pyongyang is still under consideration and has not been confirmed, the official KCNA news agency said Tuesday.


The state-run news agency told Xinhua that the visit of the UN chief is still being confirmed and no more details are available as of now, but it did not deny Ban's likely trip to Pyongyang.


South Korean media said Ban in late September expressed his readiness to pay a visit to the north to the DPRK's Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong, who was then in New York attending the 70th UN General Assembly.


It has been over 20 years since former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali visited the DPRK in 1993, if Ban's visit materializes.


Ban served as South Korea's minister of foreign affairs and trade before he started working as the UN head in 2007. Analysts say his tour to the DPRK, which is expected to include a meeting with top leader Kim Jong Un, will offer a boost to inter-Korean conciliation and peace on the Korean Peninsula. The issue of nuclear weapons might also be discussed during the visit.


The two Koreas pledged to improve ties in a six-point agreement concluded after marathon negotiations following a military standoff in late August.


South Korean media also stirred up speculation that Ban's visit indicates part of his efforts to prepare for South Korea's presidential campaign in 2017.


Ban planned in May to visit Kaesong Industrial Complex Jordans 6 Gatorade Like Mike , an industrial zone jointly operated by both Koreas, but the visit was later canceled due to a sudden withdrawal of approval from Pyongyang.


SOFIA, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- The 67th edition of "Strandja", a key international boxing tournament, kicked off here on Tuesday bringing together 277 male and female boxers from 41 nations, a record in its history.


China' s three-time AIBA Women' s World Champion and 2012 Olympic Games silver medalist Ren Cancan along with 13 more Chinese boxers are among the participants in the event that is the oldest international boxing tournament in Europe.


"This tournament is held perhaps at the best time when athletes who are preparing not only for the Olympics, but also for World and European tournaments Jordans 6s Gatorade , can assess their level of preparation," Petar Lesov, 1980 Olympics boxing champion, told Xinhua.


The semifinals will be on Friday and the finals are scheduled for Saturday afternoon.


Last year at the 66th edition of "Strandja", Chinese boxer Li Qian won the gold medal in the women's 75kg category, while Ren Cancan grabbed the silver medal in the 51kg category, and two other Chinese women boxers took bronze medals Jordans 6 Gatorade , including Liu Piaopiao and Yang Wenlu in the 54kg and 64kg categories respectively. Enditem


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