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HONG KONG cheap air max 2019 womens , Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is not a "China's bank," but a multilateral development institution operating by international standards, AIIB President Jin Liqun said at a financial forum in Hong Kong.


"AIIB is a bank initiated by China, but it's not a 'China's bank'," Jin said cheap air max 2019 shoes , adding that AIIB, which was created through negotiations of all the 57 founding member countries and now has 84 members, is a multilateral development bank "operating by international standards and with 21-century governance."


"We will work with all the countries regardless of their membership ... We recruit professionals from across the world ... (and) we have international competitive bidding (that) any company can participate," Jin said in a dialogue on the impact of China's policies on global economic development during the two-day Asian Financial Forum that concluded on Tuesday.


According to Jin, China's idea to propose this new bank is "to supplement the efforts of existing institutions like the World Bank and ADB."


On the relationship between AIIB and other Chinese-proposed initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative cheap air max 2019 wholesale , Jin said that since lots of projects related to the initiative are for AIIB member countries, the bank is "duty-bound" to support these projects.


However, he stressed that AIIB will consider financing the projects only if they are financially sustainable, environmentally friendly and acceptable to local people.


"We are not going to do loss-making business ... We are not going to do an infrastructure project leaving a big footprint in the environment ... (and) we should bring benefit to the local people, not to create problems cheap air max 2019 ," Jin said.




Myanmar police shot dead seven demonstrators, while 12 were injured in troubled Rakhine State, after a local gathering celebrating an ancient Buddhist Arakan kingdom turned violent.


The demonstrators gathered late on Tuesday in Mrauk U township in the northern part of Rakhine to mark the end of the Arakan kingdom, the secretary of the Rakhine state government, Tin Maung Swe cheap nike air vapormax 2019 , told Reuters.


The violent demonstration underscores the challenges facing Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi in a country where dozens of ethnic groups have been clamouring for autonomy since independence from Britain in 1947.


Some 4,000 people surrounded a government building after the annual ceremony marking the demise of the Arakan kingdom over 200 years ago, Tin Maung Swe said. Organizers did not seek approval from local authorities for the gathering, he said.


"The police used rubber bullets initially but the crowd didn't leave. Finally the security members had to shoot. The conflict happened when some people tried to seize guns from the police."


The United Nations in Myanmar called on authorities to "investigate any disproportionate use of force or other illegal actions that may have occurred in relation to this incident."




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