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By Xinhua writer Zhang Zhongkai


BEIJING Cheap Nike Air Max Womens , March 18 (Xinhua) -- The Economist Intelligence Unit warned the world that China was set for a hard landing in its latest global risk analysis report, but closer inspection shows it to be a false alarm.


The forecasting and advisory services provider issued a report Thursday rating a sharp economic slowdown in China as their top risk scenario, on the back of concerns over the country's febrile manufacturing sector, rising debt and growing downward pressure on the renminbi, due to capital flight.


The think tank is right that the Chinese economy is experiencing headwinds, however Cheap Air Max 95 Womens , this is hardly breaking news. The country's leadership has spoken at length about the challenges brought by the new normal and structural reform.


The manufacturing sector is struggling. Industrial investment is falling, the trade environment is worsening and overcapacity is weighing upon the sector. However, manufacturers are busy upgrading their systems and equipment, which will create a more competitive, innovative environment.


Yes, the debt level is not low Cheap Air Max 90 Womens , but it is still manageable. The capital adequacy ratio of China's commercial banks is still below the international warning line, while their provision coverage ratio is above the government's requirement. Moreover, local government debt pressure will be eased by public-private-partnerships in costly infrastructure projects.


Some weakening of the Chinese yuan in the short term is understandable. China's forex controls have been loosened and the Federal Reserve's interest rate adjustment will unavoidably lead to capital outflows. Nevertheless, there is no basis for substantial yuan depreciation as China's trade surplus and forex reserve are more than adequate and its foreign debt is low.


However, the report is right about one thing: Countries are increasingly dependent on China's economy for investment and products. A sharp slowdown would have a severe knock-on effect worldwide and is a scenario that nobody wants to see.


The government's efforts to stabilize the stock market are part of measures to avoid financial risk spilling over to the whole country and the rest of the world, which is understandable and necessary in emergency cases and won't compromise the country's drive to give the market bigger sway in the long run.


Despite the challenges Cheap Air Max Womens , China is determined to keep GDP growth at a minimum of 6.5 percent this year while pressing ahead with economic restructuring.


It is a difficult balancing act for China, policymakers must walk a fine line between preventing systematic risks and reducing overcapacity while at the same time avoiding a credit bubble.


Fortunately, the government has ample means to revive economic confidence, ranging from more flexible fiscal and monetary policies to more targeted industry and public support.


Forewarnings are necessary to keep the world economy on track, but exaggeration only causes unnecessary panic, upsetting it.


The headwinds challenging China's economy are there Cheap Nike Air Max 95 , and the country is facing them square-on and will hopefully navigate them skillfully.


BEIJING, Aug. 13 (Xinhua ) -- A Chinese expert said Wednesday that the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in China is extremely low, although the virus may enter the country.


Dong Xiaoping, research fellow with the Institute of Virus of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), said the possibility of Ebola entering China through fruit bats, its natural vector Cheap Nike Air Max 90 , and other animals is very low. However, it may enter China through humans in individual cases. Risks of this kind can be controlled with strengthened checks at customs.


Dong said the spread of Ebola in China is unlikely even if Ebola cases are found, as China is capable of disease control and prevention.


"Even though human cases are reported, we can control families, communities and hospitals so that the virus cannot spread further," Dong said at a press briefing for the National Health and Family Planning Commission.


Dong said the virus can survive for several hours in bed sheets Cheap Nike Air Max , clothes and other environments, longer in liquids and at low temperatures. Exposing it to 60 degrees centigrade for one hour, or boiling in water for five minutes, will kill the virus. It is also vulnerable to common chemical sanitizer and ultraviolet rays.


The possible infection sources are limited and easily identified. In addition, the genome of Ebola is stable, so it can be studied and cured Cheap Air Max 95 , Dong said.


BEIJING, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- China will restrict oil exports to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and suspend textile imports from DPRK, the Ministry of Commerce said.


The ministry will implement UN Security Council Resolution 2375 by halting the export of liquified natural gas and gas condensate to the DPRK from Saturday and limit exports of refined oil from Oct. 1, according to an online statement.


The ban on textile imports will be effective from Saturday, it said.


Refined oil exports to the DPRK from all UN members is capped at 500,000 barrels from Oct. 1 to the end of the year and 2 million barrels annually from Jan. 1 Cheap Air Max 90 , 2018. China will suspend such exports once the total exports approaches the ceiling.


Exported refined oil products must be used fully on civil purposes, not for the DPRK's nuclear and ballistic missile programs, or other activities banned by the UN Security Council, the ministry said.


Last week the council unanimously adopted resolution 2375, imposing fresh sanctions on the DPRK over its nuclear test on Sept. 3, which violated previous UN resolutions.




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