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“Education is human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rests the cornerstone of freedom Wholesale Graham Gano Jersey , democracy and sustainable human development – Kofi Annan

These words are as powerful as they sound. Education is one of the most important building blocks of a sustainable society. In a country like India that has a 1.2 billion population, there is a vast disparity between the kinds of education that is provided. The urban areas in the country are privy to much higher class of education, which is not the case in rural areas. This discrepancy in the quality of education makes it difficult to maintain a sacrosanct rate of development throughout the country.

To ensure that India attains progress on economic Wholesale Charles Johnson Jersey , ecological and social level; it is imperative to adapt a sustainable module of living. The best way to promote sustainability is with the help of quality education. The biggest problem in the progress of India is the fact that majority of the population of India resides in the rural areas. Unfortunately, these areas don’t have adequate access to job opportunities, infrastructure or quality education.

Role of Government in Promoting Education

The Indian Government is working towards bridging the gap to provide equal opportunities in terms of education in the urban and rural sector. Various educational initiatives have been introduced that address the major problems that are faced by the people in the rural areas. Here are some of the well known initiatives that help in providing quality education in every corner of the country.

Free and compulsory education to all
Mid Day Meal Programs across all state run schools.
Universalized Elementary Education
Nation Literacy Mission Wholesale Andrew Norwell Jersey , which focuses on providing education for citizens between 15 to 35 years of age.
These are some of the well-known and successful educational initiatives that are introduced and executed by the government with an intention to provide equal opportunities to every child in the country. These initiatives don’t just focus on education; they also address other important topics like nutrition, sanitation, gender bias etc Wholesale Mario Addison Jersey , which are prevalent in the rural areas.

Social Support for Education

There is a lot of support in terms of raising funds and volunteerism from the NGO, nonprofit organization and corporate philanthropy segment. The main aim of these segments of the society is to create a sustainable education pattern. This will make it easier for the corporate structure to create a sustainable workforce for the future and also provide equal opportunities for the rural population.

The best way to go about this is not just providing education in the proverbial terms of the word but rather coaching and training students with the necessary skills at an early stage. Rather than training an employee after he joins, it is best to impart relevant skills and knowledge at an early stage (schools and colleges).

Providing scholarships Wholesale Kurt Coleman Jersey , campus recruitments etc gives the students a firsthand experience and knowledge that can be used at the actual job. So rather than training an employee, the sustainable education program focuses on imbibing the right skills at an early stage. In this manner, the corporate sector is creating a workforce which is ready to assume its role in the organization as soon as they get hired for the job.

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