Buffett Legacy Project

  • Mr. Buffett, what will your legacy be to our next generation?

    Dear Mr. Buffett, I call our vision of a modern and clean rail system Solutionary Rail.  I urge you to work with Governor Jay Inslee and other regional leaders to make the Northern Transcon part of that solution for future generations. Establish your legacy as the benevolent billionaire who had the wisdom to invest in a pivot to a sustainable future.

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  • Civil engineering student's appeal to Mr. Warren Buffett

    Please, stop "hedging your bets" with investments that are guaranteed to harm the climate and the well being of future generations. Your railroad, BNSF's reliance on shipping coal and oil is not sustainable for your company, your workers, or the planet. These fuels are causing climate disruption, ocean acidification, damage public health, and they endanger the environments and cultural inheritance of the communities they move through. 

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Introducing Solutionary Rail

A 21st Century Engine for Job Creation and Sustainable Economic Development

Solutionary Rail's 5 Facets

  1. Electrify major rail lines.
  2. Heighten investment in rail infrastructure and track maintenance.
  3. Move freight and passengers from roads to rail.
  4. Heighten investment in rail infrastructure and track maintenance.
  5. Move freight and passengers from roads to rail.

The train going by seems just another part of the everyday landscape. But the reality is the train made that landscape. The fundamental vehicle for economic development of the U.S., the West and Washington State, rail grew cities and industries by providing capacity to reach markets. Rail can be an engine for a new level of economic development and sustainable prosperity with a concerted effort to transform rail and its place in the transportation system.

Through re-envisioning rail transportation, there is large potential to create a much brighter future for our region, this country, and the world. A very different future based on 21st century sustainable rail is technically realistic and economically achievable. We call it Solutionary Rail. What is needed to achieve it is the requisite vision and the political will.

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